Here in the Pass Area, we need to recognize the value of water and be smart about water use to ensure there is enough for everyone. Reducing water use is easier than you think, and small changes to your everyday habits can make a big difference, especially during droughts.

This site is designed to be a one-stop resource for finding helpful information on reducing water use at home. Here you will find details on saving water inside and outside your home, where to search for rebates on water-saving devices and a section dedicated to teaching children about responsible water use through games and activities.

Start Saving Today

Use a weather-based irrigation controller to automatically adjust watering schedules according to weather data and landscape needs.

Raise the blade on lawnmowers. Longer blades of grass encourage deeper roots, which require less water.

Water in the early morning or evening to minimize evaporation.

Place porous materials such as gravel around your garden to allow water to seep more slowly into the ground.

Use rain barrels to capture water for later use. Rebates may be available through water agencies.

Find and fix leaks promptly.

Place mulch around gardens and planters to retain moisture.

Sweep driveways and patios clean rather than hosing them off.